February 22, Fox News, False News

February 22, Fox News, False News


Donald’s election fraud conspiracy,

In fewer syllables, Donald’s Big Lie—

Made Fox News think they risked insolvency

If they chose the truth on which to rely.


When Fox told the truth, their ratings went down.

Fact checkers on Fox all risked being canned.

When stock prices sank, it made Tucker frown;

From that time ‘til now, the truth has been banned.


Tucker is pushing the dictators’ side,

Orban of Hungary, Putin, of course.

So Tucker resembles Frankenstein’s bride,

In bed with monsters who rule by brute force.


When you sleep with dogs, you get up with fleas.

And it is now clear with whom Fox News sleeps.

They will not just itch; fleas carry disease.

Dominion has shown they’re playing for keeps.


Fox News and its anchors, all knew Trump lied.

Trump’s lawyers were liars, crazy to boot.

Afraid that their viewers might run and hide,

Fox lied for Trump: now they face a lawsuit.


Fox is in trouble and it’s their own fault:

Big Lie, dictators, and their bottom line

Inflicted the wounds; Dominion poured salt.

One question remains: the size of the fine.