February  21, Biden in Ukraine

February  21, Biden in Ukraine


Joe Biden’s in Kyiv to see Volodymyr…

The reason Joe went, of course, was to show—

Support for ideals that we both hold dear—

Democracy fighting a common foe.


The Russians want to subjugate Ukraine,

Committing war crimes every single day.

Mass slaughter cooked up in Putin’s sick brain,

A price that even small kids have to pay.


Republicans, those of the Trumpist brand,

Now question if Ukraine deserves support.

It costs a lot to lend a helping hand

But it will cost more if our aid falls short.


Vlad Putin was told before Biden came

To leave Joe alone, to not even fart.

The Russians must learn they play a sick game,

That’s led by a man with no soul or heart.


For what do we stand, for autocrat rule?

Or are we standing for democracy?

Vlad Putin challenged “the west” to a duel.

We have to stand fast; it’s our destiny.


Joe promised Ukraine, “As long as it takes…”

Vlad Putin must learn we won’t let him win.

When winter snow falls, when summer sun bakes,

Until skies are peaceful, we are all in.