February 20, 2023, Dominion Over Fox

February 20, 2023, Dominion Over Fox


Fox has its tits in a wringer

And its balls in a vice.

They’ve been Trump’s top bullshit slinger;

Now they’re paying the price.

They’ve been Trump’s chief Big Lie liars,

Knowing it was a fraud.

But they knew Donald’s choirs

Worship him as a god.


Their big three prevaricators:

Tucker, Laura, and Sean,

Served as Trump’s base cultivators

When the cameras were on.

But, when exchanging their emails,

They admitted their lies.

Whether Fox males or Fox females,

The term “liar” applies.


Fox has been sued by Dominion

Claiming they were defamed.

It’s a well-founded opinion;

Emails prove what they’ve claimed.

Fox pushed Trump’s Big Lie for money.

(Truth made viewership fall.)

Needing to keep ratings sunny,

They all pushed Trump’s cabal.


Fox News may have to pay billions

Caused by their choice to lie.

Billions!  That’s thousands of millions,

Burning Murdoch like lye.

It’s an old Donald Trump story,

One that Fox should have known.

Biblical hell allegory,

Trump brings fire and brimstone.