February 18, Preserving Ignorance  (1)

February 18, Preserving Ignorance  (1)


Republicans want to preserve ignorance.

True history and science are too much for them.

They can’t push their Big Lie and other nonsense

On students who’ve studied both AP and STEM.


They can’t teach what’s proven in biology,

For Darwin opposes what Genesis taught.

When science disproves right wing theology,

It contradicts too much of right-wingers’ thought.


Since “woke” is a state of mind for Democrats,

White Christians should dominate society.

Which means that they tend to like those autocrats

Who’re good at suppressing all impiety.


So, is Ron DeSantis the man they will back?

He’s both anti-woke and he hates CRT.  (2)

He’s been banning books and he sounds anti-black.

But Trump doesn’t like him; Ron lacks loyalty.


While Donald will live or die on his Big Lie,

DeSantis is mining a broad ignorance.

The Big Lie’s debunked but we know the supply

Of ignorance covers the whole globe’s expanse.


White Christians comprise the Republican base;

Defending mass ignorance wins their support.

So that is the core of the DeSantis case,

For white evangelicals he wants to court.


So Ron likes frank ignorance or low IQ,

Received information may fix the first one.

New facts may convince those who haven’t a clue,

But, “You can’t fix stupid;” that can’t be undone.


Therefore, Ron has a base, with which he can work.

And keeping them ignorant proves he’s a jerk.


  • See column by Paul Krugman, New York Times, Feb. 17, 2023
  • Critical Race Theory, a sociological concept that racism has been present in and a feature of American society since the first black slaves were brought here in 1619.