February 16, Would Be Dictators

February 16, Would Be Dictators


What books may be read and what subjects are taught

Are two of the freedoms for which we have fought.

They’re targets that would-be dictators select

As a means to control our speech and our thought.


We have to take great care in whom we elect

To make sure they will not attempt to infect

The minds of our students with deep ignorance

And nonsense dictators would like to inject.


Eventually, when enough folks become dense,

Democracy, is left without a defense,

For those with dense minds are so easy to fool,

That they cannot winnow the truth from nonsense.


An ignorant populace, easy to rule,

Results from the books that they can’t read in school

And subjects that teachers are told they can’t teach.

For dictators, each is a critical tool.


DeSantis, embarking on such overreach,

A would-be dictator, attempting to bleach

Some parts of our racism-stained history,

Promotes student ignorance in every speech.


And what he’s attempting is no mystery.

Some think that he covets the presidency,

So he shows the Trumpian base he’s the man

Who’ll “own all the libs,” with his candidacy.


Do you show you’re a man by moving to ban

Every thought that does not appeal to your clan,

And proving you champion bigoted thought?

In what way are you an honorable man?