March 9, 2022, Who Cares?

March 9, 2022, Who Cares?


While Vladimir Putin is making his bones,

Why shouldn’t we send the Ukrainians drones?

Attack his stalled columns from both front and back

So they can’t move forward and cannot move back.


Our drones can shoot missiles to blow up a truck,

Create lots of wreckage, so convoys stay stuck.

The pilots who fly them remain far away,

So we risk no lives to hold Russians at bay.


The sanctions we’ve placed on Vlad’s economy

Are not all we need for this mad enemy.

Mass murder by Russians is not slowing down.

They shell refugees as they try to leave town.


Murder and horror, Vladimir’s strategies:

We’ve learned he cares nothing for dead refugees.

Two million so far: we expect millions more,

A tragedy that’s all too common in war.


But let’s not forget, it’s not only Ukraine;

The country of Yemen has felt years of pain. (1)

And do not forget our own neighbors down south, (2)

The brown folks that Donald Trump liked to badmouth.


We’ve just ignored Yemen; Trump started a wall.

Should Ukraine’s disaster be our wake-up call?

Must refugees look whiter to make us care?

We’re one human family, here and everywhere.


  • Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting a “proxy war” in Yemen’s civil war, which has been going on since 2014, destroying the country in the process. Death toll estimates are 100,000 dead, including 12,000 civilians, in addition to 85,000 from ongoing famine.  About 4 million Yemenis are refugees, out of a population of about 30 million.
  • Refugees from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, coming through Mexico, seeking asylum here in the USA, were political fodder for Trump. The total numbers of displaced persons in these gang-infested countries is estimated at about 2 million.