March 7, 2022, Vladimir Vladimirovitch

March 7, 2022, Vladimir Vladimirovitch


Vladimir Vladimirovitch

You’re causing too much trouble.

Your Mother Russia’s in a ditch;

You’ve turned Ukraine to rubble.


There are no nations on your side,

Except a few dictators.

The whole world sees mass homicide:

Your soldiers, perpetrators.


You’re shutting down your TV news

And closing your newspapers.

These are the tactics you must use

To cover up your capers.


Since no one dares speak truth to you,

Your information bubble,

Would seem to mean you have no clue,

To why you’re in such trouble.


We know you hate democracy,

Fear even one dissenter.

And we see your autocracy

Is evil at its center.


We know you want to be the Tsar

Of your own Russian Empire.

But, all the world thinks that you are

Just a blood-sucking vampire.


Vladimir Vladimirovitch,

No Tsar but a sheep herder,

Corruption made you filthy rich

And now we watch you murder.