March 6, 2022, Assassination?

March 6, 2022, Assassination?


Is Vladimir Putin unstable?

Or crazy, gone totally nuts?

Should killing him be on the table?

What’s right for this murderous putz?


Suggested by Senator Graham—

That someone should “take this guy out,” (1)

Would that stop Ukrainian mayhem?

Is one man what this is about?


Is Vladimir’s ego malignant,

A cancer that’s bound to invade?

Must Europe be more than indignant,

And must Russia’s Bear now be spayed?


Would Vladimir’s assassination,

With some oligarch taking charge,

Produce a less murderous nation,

Less likely to want to enlarge?


If no one has courage to do it,

To rid planet Earth of this pest,

Or somebody tried but they blew it,

What else might Vlad Putin infest?


A menace that threatens the planet,

On top of the Covid 19,

He’s started a fire; let’s not fan it.

Think Europe in 1914.


At least Europe has been united

And we can thank Putin for that,

A dangerous fuse has been lighted

By Russia’s insane autocrat.


  • Tweet by Senator Lindsey Graham, R, South Carolina, May 4, 2022.