March 4, 2022, Unhinged

March 4, 2022, Unhinged


As fan blades are flailing the feces,

Have Putin and Trump come unhinged?

Their crimes are of two different species

But both of their asses are singed.


First Trump tried to steal an election;

And knew what he tried was a fraud.

A narcissist, Trump’s predilection

Is, he must be regarded as God.


And Putin’s made clear his intention:

Reconquer the Russian Empire.

He seems to have no comprehension

Ukraine may not share his desire.


Both men, sickened by narcissism,

Their only concerns: their own fame.

So neither accepts criticism

And always points elsewhere for blame.


Now Donald Trump faces indictment

For crimes that were clearly his fault,

Especially for last year’s incitement

Of the insurrection assault.


And, Putin looks truly psychotic,

Unless you’re a Vlad sychophant.

The risk he just took, idiotic,

Attacking a nuclear plant.


If Donald runs for re-election,

It ought to be harder from jail.

The news suggests that’s his direction;

Just follow the evidence trail.


But punishing Putin is harder.

His penis is so tumefied.

Pursuing empire with such ardor,

The whole world is just stupified.