March 2, 2022, Ash Wednesday

March 2, 2022, Ash Wednesday


What do most folks commonly give up for Lent?

Are smoking and drinking and cussing enough?

Or lying and cheating and all the time spent

In rambling and gambling?  All that makes it tough.


We know that Vlad Putin does not give a damn

About all the rot that lies deep in his soul:

His rape of Ukraine, like one slaughters a lamb,

And all of the murders and money he stole.


We doubt Vladimir will give up anything,

For terror and murder are normal for him.

So it is disgusting to hear Donald sing

His praises for Putin, (and don’t forget, Kim.)


Ask Vladimir, “What will you win when you’ve won?”

“You beat up a nation with no good excuse,

“Left rubble and bloodstains; we’ll see what you’ve done;

“Everywhere that you went, you just dropped a deuce.”


Since Putin came up through the secret police,

Logistical planning is not his long suit.

He has no respect for the world or for peace.

For all of this might the World Court prosecute?


Command, control problems, troops low on supplies.

No food and no fuel, morale very low.

Troops see for themselves, all Vlad told them were lies.

They’re learning that there was no reason to go.


He’ll win an ex-nation he’s turned into trash,

Its buildings just landfill, its citizens dead.

No claims of peacekeeping, no cross drawn with ash

Can buy him forgiveness, no, hellfire instead.