March 1, 2022, Pimping for Putin

March 1, 2022, Pimping for Putin


Pompeo is pimping for Putin

And Tucker is singing his praise.

For Trump, Vladimir is Rasputin,  (1)

Now setting the whole world ablaze.


Republicans favor dictators;

Democracy isn’t for them.

They don’t like dark-skinned demonstrators

Or Asians who major in STEM.


If Biden can steal state elections.

The Ship of State can’t stay afloat.

Right wingers must make strict selections

Of whom they’re permitting to vote.


If voters do not elect white men,

Supremacy may not survive.

The candidates need not be bright men,

Just right wing with pulses: alive.


Red Staters like a country singer,

Who just sings, “three chords and the truth.” (2)

They do not want Die Meistersinger, (3)

No Crème Brulee, just Baby Ruth.


Though Donald was Putin’s ass-kisser,

And did not hurt NATO enough,

To live under Biden’s a pisser.

Though Trump’s nose was brown, he talked tough.


  • Rasputin was a crazy Russian monk who Tsar Nicolas and Tsarina Alexandra thought could heal their son, Alexei, who suffered from hemophilia. Alexandra was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who seems to have had a spontaneous mutation in clotting factor VIII, which causes Hemophilia A.  The gene is on the X chromosome, so female carriers are not affected.
  • “Three chords and the truth,” was a description of country music in the 1950s by Harlan Howard, a songwriter.  Subsequently, songs with that exact title were written and recorded.
  • A lot of liberals can’t stand Wagner, either. One is reminded of composer Gioachino Rossini’s observation: “Wagner has some beautiful moments but some awful quarter hours.”  Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg lasts for six hours.  For White supremacists, at least Wagner was an anti-Semite.