February 28, Bad Tsar Vladimir (Sing to, “Good King Wenceslas”)

 February 28, Bad Tsar Vladimir (Sing to, “Good King Wenceslas”)


Bad Tsar Vladimir drove out,

(This we heard from Stephen.)

Where the snowstorms blew about,

Blustery, uneven.

Brightly shown the moon at night;

Temperatures were cruel.

Then, as Kyiv came in sight,

Tanks ran out of fuel.


Vladimir attacked Ukraine

For a crazy reason,

Bringing needless blood and pain

To the Lenten season.

Condemnation everywhere,

Though not from dictators.

Fascist tendencies laid bare

By Fox commentators.


European unity,

Threatening to Putin.

For his own security,

Putin started shootin’.

That’s just crazy; NATO wants

Self determination.

Putin’s paranoia haunts

Every border nation.


Economic sanctions hurt

Russia’s population.

Opposition is overt

All throughout the nation.

But Ukraine is standing fast;

Which was unexpected.

Vladimir is an outcast;

Grievances rejected.


AFPAC chanted Putin’s name, (1)

At their last convention,

To their everlasting shame,

Drawing our attention.

Standing deep in Putin’s slime,

Our right wingers praise him,

That they’re joining in his crime,

Doesn’t seem to faze them.


  • America First Political Action Committee, February 22, 2022.