March 10, 2022, War Criminal

March 10, 2022, War Criminal


What is to be done with this war criminal,

Who’s leading a nation that also has nukes?

Whose evil is no longer subliminal,

Demanding much more than stern verbal rebukes?


Ukraine is a nation that wants to stand free,

Now facing invasion that’s unjustified.

Her cities bombed, refugees shelled as they flee,

The Russian brutality can’t be denied.


The evidence clear: of ongoing war crimes,

It’s time to bring Putin before the World Court.

Each day we delay, he’s committing more crimes,

A devil’s conceptus that we must abort.


His army exposed, Putin’s men poorly led.

Resistance is strong and it’s growing world-wide.

Ukrainians know there’s more carnage ahead

But they still stand tall, facing mass homicide.


We see “rivers of tears and rivers of blood,” (1)

(Maternity hospital bombed in daylight,)

Will the snow melt of spring become a red flood?

Death will not pass over; it strikes day and night. (2)


We can’t interfere; Putin threatens The Bomb,

No troops in the trenches, no planes in the air.

Since Putin is rabid, we must keep him calm,

Or risk World War III?  Ukraine’s already there.


Some of our white racists still sing Putin’s praise.

Both Donald and Tucker have lent their support,

As they watch the Russians shell, bomb, burn, and raze,

Should they stand with Putin before the World Court?


  • Pope Francis, quoted on the internet.
  • See the Ten Plagues visited on the Egyptians before the first Passover.

Exodus: Chapters 6-11.