March 11, 2022, Putin Lite

March 11, 2022, Putin Lite


Is Donald Trump just Putin lite?

A barking dog without the bite?

Votes kept our Ship of State afloat

But votes won’t always turn out right.


Trump’s loss helped keep NATO afloat

(Trump also tried to sink their boat.)

Vladimir says Ukraine attacked,

A lie he still tries to promote.


The Russians charge Ukraine attacked,

A claim they make just to distract

The world from finding out the facts:

It’s Putin we must counteract.


The Russians want to hide the facts;

For facts cut Putin like an axe.

He tries obscuring facts with lies

But we all see his heinous acts.


The Russians hide the truth with lies,

Which led the Donald to surmise

That he could hide reality

And truth from people’s prying eyes.


Trump tries to hide reality,

Which he views with hostility.

When Trump’s claims are exposed to light,

We see their laughability.


But Trump can only hide the light

From voters who are not too bright.

If they give Donald one more chance,

Will he remain just Putin lite?