March 12, 2022, Authoritarians

March 12, 2022, Authoritarians


Could we all say to Vladimir that we think he’s a schmuck?

Not just a schmuck: it’s worse than that; we’re simply all dumbstruck

By Vladimir’s rapacity, the raping of Ukraine,

A murderer, on whom the world must stamp the Curse of Cain.  (1)


He’s aided by the sycophancy that we see on Fox;

Both Tucker and the Donald herd the sheep in Putin’s flocks.

They love authoritarians; both are apologists;

Both anti-democratic, plutocratic fabulists.


We see authoritarians, as we read history,

Oppose democracy; their reasons are no mystery.

They want to rule, not serve, meanwhile increasing their own wealth,

By robbery through warfare or by thievery through stealth.


They’re mostly narcissists, like Trump and Putin, to name two.

And you can bet that Tucker shares such narcissism, too.

They don’t respect most expertise, opinions not their own,

And like to see their sycophants obeisant, lying prone.


And now we’re watching Putin make his murderous land grab.

He blames the victim; (some blame Fauci’s “bioweapons lab.”)  (2)

But it’s just rape and murder; every death is Putin’s fault,

As he makes Ukraine rubble in an unprovoked assault.


Make Vladimir a wanted man in every land on Earth,

From Capetown to Helsinki and from Tokyo to Perth.

Don’t give him welcome anywhere; confine him to his home,

Arresting him on sight if he should ever try to roam.


For Putin isn’t just a schmuck; he’s caused mass homicide

Of soldiers and civilians and, what’s worse, infanticide.

And, what of those right here at home who still aid and abet?

That’s treason in a time of war but we’re not in one….yet.


  • The Curse of Cain: see Genesis 4: 11-16. Cain murdered his brother Abel and, by spilling his blood on the ground, caused an eternal curse.  Will the ground that Putin is attempting to steal turn out to be a curse on him?
  • The Russians have “discovered” and charged that bioweapons labs that they established in Ukraine during the era of the Soviet Union are now being used by Ukraine to manufacture bioweapons to threaten Russia and the world. This is completely false; though if you listen to Tucker Carlson and some Republican, Putin apologists, you might believe it.