March 14, 2022, Different Opinions

March 14, 2022, Different Opinions


If Putin’s proud of what he’s done, why shut down Russia’s press

But still broadcast the Tucker show?  Why would he?  What’s your guess?

We show opinions by our folks who like the autocrat

But Putin censors all that’s shown; what’s Tucker think of that?


The Russian propaganda being parroted on Fox

Is free for all to see, although infectious as smallpox.

We’re not afraid to hear dissenters, even stupid ones,

But Putin treats dissent with prison, poison, or with guns.


Each time we have a problem, there are views, both right and left.

And after resolution, still the left and right are left.

But Vladimir and Donald and the others of their type

Just tolerate the voices giving their views all the hype.


Democracy means people rule and people disagree.

The reason we may disagree is simple; you’re not me.

There’s never just one point of view and force can’t make it so;

Female and male, old, young, tall, short, Rembrandt or Art Nouveau.


If you’ve been told you’re full of shit, you’ve not been cancelled out.

Instead, someone just said that your views leave some room for doubt.

Authoritarians like Putin cannot stand dissent.

When they force acquiescence, they achieve just false consent.


Democracy is messy; people always disagree.

Autocracy is bloody; fettered minds fight to be free.

So, Donald, Tucker, ask yourselves, does Vlad permit free speech

Or, if you criticize him, does he wash your mouth with bleach?


Must all those serving Putin change their shorts six times a day?

Must they tell Putin only those things he wants them to say?

Do Tucker and the Donald know how fortunate they are

To live here and not have to clear what they say with the Tsar?