March 15, 2022: 1918 All Over Again

March 15, 2022: 1918 All Over Again


It’s 1918 all over again,

Engaged in two wars just gravediggers win.

As Covid mutates and as bullets fly,

Both slaughter our children, women, and men.


First Covid jumped species; now bullets fly.

The specter of death is everywhere nigh.

We have good vaccines; guns don’t have to fire

But some still won’t listen and millions die.


Some won’t take vaccine; we still hear guns fire.

Bombs make the Ukraine a funeral pyre.

The refugee streams help Covid to spread

So Tsar Vladimir can have his empire.


The refugees streaming help Covid spread;

For Covid 19, they’re its daily bread.

It’s 1918 all over again:

Pandemic and war and millions of dead.