March 16-17, Purim and St. Patrick’s Day  (Haiku)

March 16-17, Purim and St. Patrick’s Day  (Haiku)


Our fig tree’s leaves sprout,

Unaware that there’s a war,

Just that it’s springtime.


Purim might give me

Atrial fibrillation

From too much drinking.


Haman, Mordechai,

Can you still tell the difference?

Have another drink.


Putin, Zelenskyy,

Like two men in the Bible:

Haman, Mordechai.


Esther, St. Patrick,

Would they have liked each other

If they had a drink?


Two spring festivals:

Purim and St. Patrick’s Day.

Green Hamantaschen.


Have you all noticed

Putin’s face is getting fat?

Steroid psychosis?


Vladimir Putin:

Is he a war criminal?

Evidence says, “Yes.”


Jewish Buddhism:

If you achieve Nirvana,

You’ve just got bupkis.