March 5, Unfair to Neanderthals

March 5, Unfair to Neanderthals


Joe Biden has insulted the Neanderthals, we read.

Comparing them to Texans is an unfair, racist screed.

Neanderthals improved their lives with new tools they could use;

Though wearing masks prevent disease, the Texans will refuse.


Neanderthal flint knappers made improvements in flint knives.

The Governor of Texas will endanger Texans’ lives.

Neanderthals cooperated, hunting for large game.

Greg Abbott thinks cooperation is a liberal game.


Greg Abbott says disease is spread by folks with a brown skin.

Neanderthals feared white Cro Magnons when they wandered in.

Though Greg’s fears are unfounded, the Neanderthals were right.

So, Abbott or Neanderthals: which one would you call bright?


Greg Abbott, in his mindlessness, has cancelled mask mandates.

Then fifteen others followed suit; why are they all red states?

With Covid cases still quite high, it’s not time to relax.

Immunity in red states means immunity to facts.


When facts are made political, this will be the effect:

The freedom not to wear a mask means freedom to infect.

Statistics have shown clearly, wearing masks prevents disease.

And facts remain the facts, although Greg Abbott disagrees.


So, back to the Neanderthals: Joe Biden was unfair.

For they would work together to fight off an angry bear.

In Abbott’s Texas, “Every man for himself,” is the cry.

Though wearing masks is good for all, they won’t and people die.