March 14 – Pi Day

Pi Day


This coming Sunday is Pi day;

The date is 3/14.

The winter cold fades fast away

And trees are turning green.


On Sunday afternoon at four,

What Europe calls sixteen,

That time gives us a reason for

The faithful to convene.


For it’s 3.1416,

That’s close enough to Pi.

It matters not what drink you fix,

Use bourbon, scotch, or rye.


The timing’s off a little bit.

It’s always so with Pi.

It’s like a god; it’s infinite,

So, raise your glasses high.



Out to infinity,

Acknowledgment is therefore due,

As to a deity.


This time and date come once a year;

Then they’re gone in a wink.

So, quaff your whiskey, wine, or beer;

At four, let’s down a drink.