March 11, The Anniversary of the Pandemic

March 11, The Anniversary of the Pandemic


The RNC and Trump have faced off in a money spat.

They used his name and image; Donald’s had enough of that.

He told them to desist, that they can’t use his name for free

And then he told the donor base, “Send all your checks to me.”


Trump’s income has now fallen off from all his properties,

So he’ll fall back, as always, on a strategy of sleaze.

He’s played his base for suckers but still has their loyalty

Their money will help keep his lifestyle one of royalty.


The RNC would use donations to fund candidates

But Donald needs the money to pay lawyers for court dates.

If Donald goes to prison, will he get a big book deal,

Describing all his struggles and his terrible ordeal?


On this, the anniversary of the pandemic’s start,

Trump’s taking credit for vaccines and yes, he played a part.

His Operation Warp Speed gave our scientists a task;

But then, ignoring science, he refused to wear a mask.


But, back to what’s important: trying to get all the dough.

The money that you give to Trump will augment his cash flow.

What do you get for giving?  Well, you get to give him more.

What a sweet deal Trump’s running; it is flim flam to the core.


It’s all about the Donald, meaning, all about the cash.

With Trump’s style of accounting, it will be gone in a flash.

What else might your donations do, pay off some Russian debt?

Or pay off loans to Deutche Bank, which Trump has not done yet?


If lawyers that you pay for can keep Donald out of jail,

Then maybe he can run again, and win, then once more fail.

But being a good President is not what’s on Trump’s mind;

It wasn’t Covid either; it’s the cash that can be mined.