March 15, The Ides

March 15, The Ides


When Caesar wanted to be made dictator of the state,

Some senators objected, plotting a far different fate.

Then several of them stabbed him, one of the most famous deaths,

As he said, “Et tu, Brute?” the most famous of last breaths.


And that ignited civil war, which Caesar’s nephew won,

Becoming “Imperator,” as his uncle would have done.

He took the name, “Augustus,” grandiose, as was his due,

As Emperor of Rome.  The old Republic was now through.


The Ides of March became a date of which one should beware.

A soothsayer had counseled Caesar, “Don’t go anywhere.”

Ambitious, would-be dictators, are sometimes given pause;

Might their ambition trap them in death’s unforgiving jaws?


We know that Donald made his bid on January six.

He failed but made us realize we have a flaw to fix.

Republicans, like Caesar, do not like democracy.

They don’t trust voters to preserve right wing supremacy.


Attempting to suppress the vote, they’re bringing back Jim Crow,

Particularly votes of dark-skinned folks, their tactics show.

Instead of a democracy, they want plutocracy.

And, just for right-wing Christians, a bit of theocracy.


Ironically, Republicans want to assassinate

Democracy, not a would-be dictator of the state.

Democracy is hanging on but only by a thread.

It’s up to us to see that this infection does not spread.