March 3, Reopening?

March 3, Reopening?


Reopen Covid breeding grounds and fertilize the fields

And see how many mutants Texas replication yields.

Dumb as a bag of hammers, Abbott cancelled mask mandates

And opened up all businesses, the first of all the states.


In time for the Saint Patrick’s celebration bacchanal,

When we know how well Covid 19 thrives on alcohol,

With Texas death rates holding steady, they’ll give them a boost

And then sit back and watch the chickens coming home to roost.


And Mississippi’s governor just did the same damn thing,

Confederates uniting to ask death to bring its sting.

Does our right wing consistently ignore our scientists

Because they can’t tell facts from BS by polemicists?


We’re gaining ground on Covid; Texans now will give it back.

The Lone Star State will lead the way for the retreating pack.

Their power grid just failed because they didn’t winterize.

Now they’ll ally with Covid, just to help its death toll rise.


They’ll have no regulations, even when it’s life or death,

For guns or energy or Covid, best not hold your breath.

In Texas, individual responsibilities

Will manage all these problems (though, with high fatalities.)


So, Texas will facilitate the Covid 19 spread.

We know that’s what will happen from what Abbott has just said.

It’s not the place of government, protecting people’s lives;

It’s cutting regulations to assure that business thrives.


Let Covid 19 mess with Texas; they will play along,

For they hate all restrictions.  (Well, you cannot puff a bong.)

And they’ll restrict your voting privilege, (if your skin is brown.)

But, God forbid restricting Covid spreading through your town.