March 1, Trump at CPAC

March 1, Trump at CPAC


No library,


No, Trump will seek revenge.

Joe stole the race

From Donald’s base.

Now there are butts to singe.


First on the list:

My, how he’s pissed!

Those voting to impeach.

Trump will harass

Liz Cheney’s ass,

A lesson he must teach.


It’s loyalty

To royalty,

To Donald Trump, their king.



When Trump commands, you sing!


Trump’s minions kneel,

Opponents feel

The heat of Donald’s rage.

His pants on fire,

His burning ire,

A rat trapped in a cage.


For, spelling doom,

Indictments loom

For tax and banking fraud.

And he’s beset

By mounting debt

He owes here and abroad.


Though CPAC cheers,

We know Trump fears

The long arm of the law.

When the wolf blows

On Trump’s chateaux,

We’ll see they’re made of straw.