March 27, Cancel Culture?

March 27, Cancel Culture?


It isn’t “cancel culture” to say someone’s full of shit,

To call out bigotry, though Lindsey Graham throws a fit,

To call white bigots what they are, to say they’ve left a scar;

See how they’ve treated KBJ?  They’ve shown us what they are. (1)


With Donald’s loyal followers’ threats to democracy,

Our nation somehow normalized their white supremacy.

As Hawley, Cruz, and Cotton filled the room with sewer gas,

Judge KBJ was forced to sit there, praying it would pass. (2)


What’s more disturbing are the folks to whom these three appeal.

We saw Cruz check his Twitter to see how his base might feel.

Her record unassailable, he served them some red meat,

Like CRT and kiddie porn, stuff his base likes to eat.


These subjects were irrelevant to whether she should serve.

They’re lapped up by Ted’s bigot base, whose interests they subserve.

And Hawley, Cotton, Blackburn joined with Ted in his attack,

Mean spirited, of course (but she is female and she’s black.)


Hostility to voting rights for blacks and browns is clear.

Right wingers everywhere today all share a common fear:

That those who do not look like “me” will have the right to vote

And change those holding office, the old order’s antidote.


Is there a culture ripe to cancel?  Why not bigotry?

Why isn’t it worth cancelling this blight on history?

Why can’t we all accept the multicolored human race

As members of one family, and end this sick disgrace?


Right wingers, Trumpists, Tucker, (and the rest know who they are,)

Don’t like to contemplate extinction like a dinosaur.

Some day, will they be in museums with Confederates?

Or in the rooms with bottom feeders and invertebrates?


  • Taken from a quote by Dr. Maya Angelou, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”
  • KBJ, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman ever nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court.