March 28, Ginni Thomas

March 28, Ginni Thomas


Is Ginni Thomas, unhinged, crazy, or just really dumb?

If “dumb” explains it, that’s enough, a general rule of thumb.

She buys and spreads the nonsense that Joe Biden had to cheat:

The Big Lie that all Trumpists just repeat, repeat, repeat.


With Ginni’s craziness and Donald Trump’s mendacity,

Her craziness perhaps enhanced by frank stupidity,

They illustrate the reasons that the Big Lie propagates

Without the need for microchips in vaccines from Bill Gates.


That Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife should be such a nut,

Is troublesome, not just because she won’t keep her mouth shut.

She wrote some damning emails in support of Trump’s Big Lie.

Now the Committee on 1-6 would like to ask her why.


Did she help plan the rally and the Capitol attack?

Did Justice Thomas try to show that he had Ginni’s back?

He voted that the Congress couldn’t see the Meadows file. (1)

His was the only “no” vote; ethicists taste rising bile.


For Justices and for their “spice,” these look like huge “No noes.” (2)

Though there aren’t written rules, that’s something everybody knows.

To try to overturn a fair election your man lost,

Is a seditious act for which there should be a huge cost.


And, we can see that Justice Thomas should have been recused,

Avoiding improprieties of which he’s now accused.

The mere appearance matters; in this case there’s more than that.

It’s clear to all and even some who’re not a Democrat.


Although McCarthy disagrees, he’s now so compromised, (3)

His willingness to kiss Trump’s ass is, by now, formalized.

This scandal won’t soon go away, of that we are assured.

Although the lines that have been crossed have all been smeared and blurred.


  • Mark Meadows, Trump’s last Chief of Staff, with which Ms. Thomas exchanged emails on how to keep Trump in power after he lost.
  • “Spice,” an alternative plural for “spouses.” See “mouse” and “mice.”
  • Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader and well-known anal osculator of Donald Trump.