March 26, Mo Brooks Rats

March 26, Mo Brooks Rats


His testicles clamped in a vise, with fishhooks in his scrotum,

Mo Brooks is ratting on the Donald.  News reporters quote’im.

Mo said that Donald asked him to rescind the last election.

That’s something Mo Brooks could not do, in spite of Trump’s direction.


Sedition may be tough to prove, the courts require intention.

What Brooks said, what we’ve seen and heard, mean Trump deserves detention.

What Brooks said to reporters should advance to testifying,

Which Donald, of course, will deny and charge that Brooks is lying.


And, in New York there’s evidence of bank fraud and tax cheating.

This year might bring indictments; Trump can feel the hellfires heating.

So, with the Feds and with New York, and private lawsuits pending,

The Donald should get ready for wealth and/or freedom ending.


But, “Hold it,” says New York’s DA, “I may not seek indictment.”

Investigators, hearing that, resigned, to great excitement.

They said that Trump is guilty of felonious infraction.

In light of all the evidence, they can’t abide inaction.


But Trump’s not dodged all bullets yet; the New York AG’s lurking.

From all the articles we’ve seen Trump still has chains for jerking.

So, will the flow of evidence the new DA is damming,

Eventually help him conclude that what’s been found is damning?


So Donald better watch his back and front for more incoming.

The sound that’s coming from New York is wheels of Justice, humming.

The January 6th Commission keeps on excavating,

Outrageous fortune’s slings and arrows, too much for evading.