March 25, Hitler’s Time Has Not Passed

March 25, Hitler’s Time Has Not Passed


Tsar Vladimir the Short’s insane,

So we will let him raze Ukraine.

As dreams of empire turn to dust,

His legacy, a bloody stain.


He’s bombing rubble into dust;

His reason?  Simply power lust.

Such lust may set the world ablaze,

We note with horror and disgust.


Fear that he’ll set the world ablaze

Makes us let Putin bomb and raze.

Ukrainians flee, fight, and die,

Their air a smoky, acrid, haze.


Both soldiers and civilians die

As mothers and their babies cry.

We thought that Hitler’s time was past,

With Europe stained by bloody dye.


Though Hitler may be in the past,

Vlad’s lust for power has not passed.

It’s visited upon Ukraine.

The dice of war, once more are cast. (1)


So death is raining on Ukraine,

From Putin’s power-hungry brain.

Passover, Easter almost here,

Will they bring peace or blood and pain?


Passover, Easter, almost here,

But will they just mean death this year?

Tradition says that lives were saved

But this year, is that message clear?


  • In January, 49 BC, Julius Caesar and his legions crossed the Rubicon river which separated Gaul from Rome. This was against Roman law and precipitated a civil war.  On crossing, Caesar supposedly said, “Alea jacta est!”  “The die has been cast, “ meaning an action has been taken that cannot be reversed and whose outcome is uncertain.  You might recall that, although Caesar won the civil war and was declared “dictator for life,” his life did not last too long.  He was assassinated in 43 BC.  More civil war followed, eventually won by Caesar’s nephew, Octavian, who became Rome’s first emperor, Augustus.