March 23, War Crimes

March 23, War Crimes


Since Vladimir the Short believes that he’s the Russian Tsar,

And generals advance because they bow to Putin’s star,

Invasion of Ukraine has been incompetently led

And millions of civilians are displaced, with thousands dead.


Since Vlad’s not winning in the field, he’s bombing towns to dust:

Apartments, businesses, hospitals.  Motive?  Just blood lust.

Frustrated by no progress, he rains terror from the skies,

Committing war crimes every day, no effort to disguise.


He’s threatening atomic bombs if NATO interferes.

Is this a bluff or serious, the sum of all our fears?

How many more Ukrainians must die before we act

And Vladimir’s new empire can restore the Warsaw Pact?


Take Vladimir, his generals, and willing terrorists;

First capture, then arrest them and put shackles on their wrists.

Then ship them to the ICC, where they must all stand trial (1)

For war crimes they’ve committed, then consigned to durance vile.


Tsar Vladimir has been allowed his war crime sprees, unchecked.

In Chechnya, in Syria, now the Ukraine is wrecked.

And, we all know if Vlad should go unpunished once again,

He’ll murder more civilians; who knows where and who knows when?


We’re dealing with a monster and a monster’s evil brain,

Who’s currently assaulting all the people of Ukraine.

If we don’t stop this monster now, how many more will die?

He doesn’t seem to want respect; he wants to horrify.


  • The ICC, the International Criminal Court is seated in the Hague, Netherlands. It hears cases of human rights abuses all over the world, including war crimes.  Neither the USA nor Russia are signatories.