March 24, The KBJ Hearings

March 24, The KBJ Hearings


It’s Critical Race Theory and watching kiddie porn,

That Hawley, Cruz, and Cotton chose when time to toot their horn.

These three may run for President in 2024.

Such topics stir up Donald’s base; they’re good for culture war.


And then there’s, “Soft on Crime;” a constant favorite of the right.

They criticized Judge Jackson’s sentencing as far too light.

They all supported Kavanaugh and his attempted rape

But watching films of kiddie porn bends them all out of shape.


Ted Cruz had really done his homework; he knows kiddie porn.

He showed why no one likes him; he’s a “cross” that must be borne. (1)

He interrupted, badgered; we prayed his time would expire.

But Ted knows who his base is and knows how to light their fire.


And Lindsey Graham stomped out after his long diatribe

On liberals who criticize some members of his tribe.

Was he defending “No” votes just because the judge is Black,

A woman, or a Biden nominee?  I’m losing track.


Then Marsha Blackburn brought up sex and kiddie porn again,

“What is a woman?” (there’s the specter of transgender “sin.”)

All red meat for right wingers, so this Biden nominee

Must sit there while she’s tarred and feathered with ignominy.


And then, of course, abortion: (Trump’s Court should take care of that.)

They brought that up just to remind us she’s a Democrat.

She wasn’t on the Court last year that sat and heard the case.

They brought the subject up again to titillate their base.


A highly qualified, black female, and Joe Biden’s choice,

Bret Kavanaugh, a Model T: Ketanji, a Rolls Royce.

Do we think that the Founding Fathers would approve of her?

If not; so what?  This is today.  They don’t need to concur.


Recall Tom Jefferson’s and Sally Hemmings’ long affair.

He fathered her six children; their relationship not rare.

Such liaisons were commonplace, not an anomaly.

The Founding Fathers knew damn well: we’re all one family.


  • Question: “Why do so many people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz?”

Answer: “It saves time.”