March 22, Ketanji Brown Jackson

March 22, Ketanji Brown Jackson


Ketanji Brown Jackson for our Supreme Court.

“First black woman ever,” newspapers report.

Right wingers imply that she’s unqualified.

The facts all against them, which they will distort.


Republicans know that she’s well-qualified,

So comments some make are dishonest and snide.

Old white men and bigots all sound the alarm:

Both black and a woman, too much to abide.


Right wingers like Tucker, will sound the alarm.

Their bigotry’s deep; they’ll be tough to disarm.

It’s one more glass ceiling that they will defend,

Attacking outright, undisguised with false charm.


Glass ceilings all crack; they are tough to defend.

Glass ceilings aren’t stone, as some want to pretend.

Glass ceilings, like fortress walls, finally break ,

For change in this universe will never end.


Glass ceilings, like fortress walls, sometimes must break.

To fight cosmic laws always is a mistake.

Conservatives though, are resistant to change.

All change gives right wingers a bad stomach ache.


Ketanji Brown Jackson: a symbol of change:

Both black folks and women expanding their range.

Republicans know that she’s well-qualified.

Change, to a closed mind, is a dog with the mange.


We all know Judge Jackson is well-qualified.

But hemorrhoids of our right-wingers feel fried.

In spite of attacks from white bigots like Cruz,

One more old white privilege will soon have died.