June 20, Trumpists

June 20, Trumpists


They’re anti maskers, anti vaxxers, Trumpists, and the “Qs.”

Republicans find them the kind of folks that they can use.

The Capitol invaders and the white supremacists

Can be manipulated by Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.


The Capitol invaders, Trumpist white supremacists,

Are subjects needing study by our best psychiatrists.

What substances may be formed into mob psychology?

What turns the QAnoners into insurrectionists?


What are the quarks and gluons of such mob psychology?

Which are environmental and which are biology?

Does fundamentalism tinged with bigotry suffice?

Or must one add a toxic dose of plain stupidity?


Religious bigotry, stupidity: will these suffice?

Ex soldiers, ex policemen: what provoked their “sacrifice?”

A mixture of both anti science and pro autocrat,

Disintegrating violently, now what is the price?


So, Trumpist, anti scientific, and pro autocrat,

Does that explain insanity like feces of a bat?

Is there some hope their sanity might be restorable?

Must we forever mistrust those who wear a MAGA hat?


Is there some hope their sanity might be restorable?

As Hillary once told us, Trumpists are deplorable.  (1)

We know, if they’re not “cured,” they might be voters for Ted Cruz.

Is there a vaccine that might make them less abhorable?


  • When Hillary Clinton was running against Donald Trump in 2016, she once remarked that half of his supporters were a “basket of deplorables.” It seems that she was right.