June 21, Republican Strategies

June 21, Republican Strategies


Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz all preen,

To take over Trump’s voter turnout machine.

They’re smarter than Trump but they’ve all figured out

There are votes to be found in Donald’s latrine.


Though smarter than Trump, they have all figured out

That Trump’s bigot base was where he got his clout.

The message they’ve learned: in your campaign, “go low.”

Toss red meat to bigots, what it’s all about.


You win right wing primaries when you “go low.”

In general elections, the “Rs” also know,

Their base is too small and they’ll lose nationwide,

Suppression of voters: the “right” way to go.


Their base is so small that they’ll lose nationwide;

Too many Americans aren’t on their side.

They must keep some voters from the ballot box.

By letting all vote, Rs commit suicide.


So, they’ll keep black voters from the ballot box,

Left wingers, young voters, all not in their flocks.

Rs also might need to control the vote count;

Controlling who counts has become orthodox.


Controlling who votes and controlling the count,

That’s how a minority may still surmount

The will of the people and hang on to power;

Dictators all do that; control’s paramount.


The will of the people may toss them from power,

This taste of democracy, bitter and sour.

Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz know that.

So, they’ll fight like hell, facing their final hour.