June 2, The Decline and Fall of Donald Trump

June 2, The Decline and Fall of Donald Trump


We’ve heard Trump wants to dump the Trump hotel in Washington.

Republicans still use it, no one else though, so it’s done.

It’s losing money left and right; some say, hand over fist;

Another of Trump’s enterprises made the loser’s list.


And Donald’s blog is shutting down; no one is reading it.

It lacks sage observations, perspicacity or wit.

All Donald does is bloviate, prevaricate, complain,

No advertising revenue, no monetary gain.


And, in Manhattan, we’ve heard a grand jury has been called

To hear the evidence that Donald heretofore has stalled.

Since Trump’s no longer President, New York is free to gnaw

On Trump’s uncovered ass, that’s turning rosy red and raw.


Republicans still stick with Donald, though one wonders why.

Their politicians fear his base, repeating his “Big Lie.”

Trump never had majority approval in his term.

Will Donald Trump be fatal to the Grand Old Pachyderm?