June 12, Becoming an Old Man

June 12, Becoming an Old Man


“What did you do in the Covid pandemic?”

I sat at home and became an old man,

Watching the virus becoming endemic,

Watching all Donald Trump’s shit hit the fan.


I was among the first ones vaccinated.

I am a doctor and knew what was right.

Watched Covid kill off the unvaccinated,

Sacrificed lives, loyalty to the right.


I saw folks swallow Trump’s prevarication,

Ignoring tenets of democracy.

Watching the slide of our tetering nation,

Toward a theocratic autocracy.


I watched lax gun laws permitting mass murder,

Black and brown folks, gays and Jews, even kids.

Stalling in Congress could not be absurder,

Stopped by what NRA funding forbids.


I watched the Russian armed robbers invading,

Bombing and murdering eastern Ukraine.

Will NATO hold fast with costs escalating?

Worldwide inflation may cause too much pain.


Sitting at home during Covid’s pandemic,

Trump, Covid, guns, Putin, all hit the fan.

Watching as lying becomes epidemic,

So disappointing for this new old man.