June 10, The January 6th Committee

June 10, The January 6th Committee


Trump’s years in office proved he was unfit to be the boss.

Is Trump so sick with narcissism, he can’t stand his loss?

Is that why Trump sticks with the Goebbels’ Big Lie strategy?  (1)

Was last night the beginning of the Donald’s eulogy?


The evidence shows Trump’s advisers knew that he had lost;

The Capitol attack was planned and legal lines were crossed.

To stay in office, Donald knew, would likely take a coup.

The Proud Boys were recruited and invaded, right on cue.


To prove intent we have to show that Donald understood

That he had lost and still tried every tactic that he could,

Both legal and illegal to remain as President,

Including violence, as videos make evident.


The peaceful transfer of the power in democracy

Which was observed until the Donald Trump apostasy,

Is critical, since first established by George Washington.

Then under Trump, we saw the Capitol get overrun.


We need to understand that Donald Trump has a disease.

Thrown out for his incompetence and never-ending sleaze,

Malignant narcissism makes him totally unfit.

His insurrection based on lies, completely counterfeit.


Why must Trump be indicted?  Think of 2024.

If Trump could run, and still wage his misinformation war,

Our Red State legislatures might help Donald win again,

Based on the Big Lie, that Trump’s base has gladly wallowed in.


The January 6th Committee’s running out of time.

Can Donald be indicted and, if so, what was his crime?

Sedition, insurrection, either or both could be picked.

Now, Merrick Garland, it’s your turn; indict and then convict.


  • Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s propaganda minister. He used the Big Lie technique, described in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, to foment anti Semitism, which ultimately justified and led to the Nazi Holocaust.  The Big Lie principle is to tell a lie so colossal that no one would believe you could possibly just make it up.