June 13, More January 6th Committee

June 13, More January 6th Committee


The January 6th Committee show

Proved clearly Donald Trump just had to know

That his claims of election fraud were lies.

Were he Pinocchio, his nose would grow.


Trump knew his claims of voter fraud were lies

But Trump is someone you cannot advise,

Unless you tell him what he wants to hear,

As his advisers came to realize.


If you don’t tell Trump what he wants to hear

And, even if your facts are crystal clear,

Trump will find someone else to take his case.

Then Rudy quaffed a dram and said, “I’m here.”


So, Rudy Giuliani took Trump’s case,

Cried, “Voter fraud!” which fertilized Trump’s base

From whom Trump harvested big stacks of cash,

All based on lies both told with a straight face.


Trump sent out emails raising piles of cash,

Which he used mostly as a private stash.

Although he lost his claims of fraud in court,

He made a profit turning truth to trash.


Though Trump lost sixty claims of fraud in court,

He made a profit trying to abort

Joe Biden’s win, now proven fair and free,

For there were no facts Trump would not distort.


But Giuliani likely won’t stay free.

He spread Trump’s lies but for a costly fee.

His first down payment, not the final cost:

Law license lost for his mendacity.