July 8, A Sonnet for Omicron

July 8, A Sonnet for Omicron


From the Omicron variant, BA. 5,

New infection rates rise, though death rates stay down.

Mutation, selection make BA. 5 thrive

And it’s spreading worldwide; it’s come to your town.


If you have contracted BA.1 or 2,

Antibodies you made might not be quite right.

The BA. 5 variant may infect you;

It has new mutations: how viruses fight.


A lesson from Darwin, this Covid 19,

Infection, immunity, a hostile dance.

We have the drug, Paxlovid to intervene,

Though BA. 5 still may evolve tolerance.


So, Omicron thrives.  Will it go on and on?

We can’t firmly predict when it will be gone.