July 7, Subpoenas

 July 7, Subpoenas


Trumpist lawyers are in crisis;

All their shorts are turning brown,

With their testicles in vises:

From subpoenas handed down.

And some tits are now in wringers;

For they’ve summoned women, too.

Will subpoenas make them “singers?”

That is what grand juries do.


The DA of Fulton County

Is now going after Trump.

Has she harvested a bounty?

Will Trump’s legal fortunes slump?

When some former Trump attorneys

Are compelled to testify

On suspicious legal journeys,

Will “the Don” detumefy?


Interference in elections,

Are all based on Trump’s Big Lies:

Will there now be some defections

Because perjury applies?

We have all heard the recording,

Of Trump trying to change votes.

And his Big Lie claims distorting

True vote counts; we’ve heard the quotes.


There’s John Eastman, of course, Rudy,

Both are on the DA’s list.

Lindsey Graham’s being snooty;

He’s subpoenaed and he’s pissed.

When you’re called to a grand jury,

You are warned you cannot lie,

If you try to make truth blurry,

Try to stall and not comply.


But DAs are good at squeezing

The truth out of liars’ lips.

It’s unwise to risk displeasing

DAs with some wise-ass quips.

So, though you’re a loyal Trumpster,

You had better tell the truth,

Or, you’ll join Trump in the dumpster.

Lies are crimes, not just uncouth.