July 4, Our Founding Fathers

July 4, Our Founding Fathers


Our Founding Fathers gave us classical plutocracy.

Now, is it time that we evolved to true democracy?

We started out with slavery, a sinful compromise;

But still there’s white supremacy; too many sympathize.


Black slaves could not be citizens and women could not vote,

Entrusting just white males to keep the Ship of State afloat.

The Senate’s antidemocratic, two votes for each state.

Their populations matter not; it’s land that has the weight.


The College of Electors: plutocratic legacy

Responsible for giving us Trump’s kakistocracy.


Our old White males hang on to power; that’s how it’s designed.

To move to true democracy, right-wingers disinclined.


Amendments ended slavery, gave women the franchise.

But now we see theocracy and Jim Crow re-arise.

Gun violence runs rampant, but conservatives won’t act.

Guns have become an idol, worshipped more than life, in fact.


The Red States tend to have a shorter life expectancy

And poverty and pockets of food insecurity.

But they don’t trust the liberals; left-wingers stand for change.

Vote Democrat, get more health care; it seems a fair exchange.


Now states are free to cancel women’s reproductive rights.

Does this Supreme Court now have contraception in its sights?

Our new young women’s generation has to be perplexed.

Theocracy is trumping science; might gay rights be next?


A bloody insurrection that we do not dare ignore.

The strongest challenge to our country since the Civil War,

Will we stay the United States? Will we disintegrate?

The answer is uncertain: stormy seas to navigate.