June 30, The Roberts, Trump Supreme Court

June 30, The Roberts, Trump Supreme Court


Supreme Court ruling, 6 to 3, against the EPA  (1)

Leaves coal-fired, CO2 emissions free to float away.

The EPA was weakened for combating climate change;

So bring on global warming and more wildfires on the range.


And carrying concealed guns?  States may not regulate:

The threat to public safety, frightening to contemplate.

For folks to keep and bear arms has been somehow sanctified.

Expect our gun death numbers to be further amplified.


States can’t control your guns but can control your pregnancy:

Your reproductive right to privacy, a fantasy.

Abortions may be banned by states; a woman can’t decide

And pregnancies from rape, incest may still be sanctified.


They told a Christian football coach, “Pray on the football field.”

Will Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews be given the same shield?

So, kneel and pray in public and ignore what Jesus said.  (2)

Yes, advertise your piety, which Jesus Christ would dread.


Let’s hear it for our founders in the 18th century,

When women could not vote and we were rife with slavery.

White Christian males were dominant and still should be today.

(Ignore the equal rights that have evolved along the way.)


They had to let our women vote, for they are chivalrous

But they’ll keep tight control on each and every uterus.

And Christian prayer and guns will stay free to proliferate.

And fossil fuels are a blessing they still venerate.


Our fathers, in their wisdom, founded a plutocracy,

And not, as many think, one-man, one-vote democracy.

The Roberts, Trump Supreme Court, through its stubborn husbandry,

Will keep our nation safe within the 18th century.


  • EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Read Matthew 6: verses 5-9, for what Jesus said about praying in public. The verses that follow are commonly known as The Lord’s Prayer.