July 10, Political Supreme Court

July 10, Political Supreme Court


The Supreme Court is political; by now that’s crystal clear.

And, it has always been that way; right now, right-wingers cheer.

Trump’s last three picks selected just to throw out Roe v Wade,

They did what was expected; women, liberals were dismayed.


In confirmation hearings, nominees will bob and weave,

They’re trying to disguise the preconceptions up their sleeve.

Both lefties and right wingers know they’re close to telling lies.

But lies don’t bother Senators, as we must realize.


They all respected precedent, as they all swore out loud,

But not so much for Roe v Wade, in spite of what they vowed.

The first time in our history, they took away a right;

Our women’s reproductive rights, for which we still must fight.


Trump’s right-wing justices let their religious feelings show

And dealt a woman’s right to choose an almost lethal blow.

Red States may ban abortion; legislatures get to choose.

So much for talk of precedent, which we know was a ruse.


And some states won’t allow exceptions for rape or incest;

A fetus in a pre-teen girl is something God has blessed.

Their fetuses protected all the way until their birth

But after that, if black or brown, their lives have much less worth.


So, it is right-wing politics that govern our high court

Religious feelings canceled Roe v Wade’s right to abort.

Both liberals and conservatives want judges on their side.

Are voting rights or contraception what they’ll next decide?