July 11, Donald’s Narcissism

July 11, Donald’s Narcissism


America must realize that Donald Trump is sick.

That’s why he must believe his loss must be some crime or trick.

His narcissism cripples him, as everyone should see.

A narcissist can’t function in a true democracy.


When Biden beat Trump fair and square, Trump charged there must be fraud,

For Donald Trump believed that he had been installed by God.

Too many votes were absentee, a count Trump will defy,

For that and other reasons, Trump invented his Big Lie.


Trump charged and charged and sued and sued but he lost every case.

“There was no evidence of fraud,” Trump’s been told face to face,

By lots of folks like William Barr, (who’s cleaning up his act.)

But Donald’s narcissistic mind rejects that painful fact.


Now, what of those Republicans who still buy Trump’s Big Lie?

Slow witted?  Crazy?  Criminal?  Just where does their flaw lie?

Some running for an office clearly pander to Trump’s base.

Which means they think that crazy, stupid votes will win their race.


Or, are they anti-democratic, deep down in their soul?

Is letting just white people vote a clear, (unstated) goal?

Would they prefer an autocrat, like Putin, Kim, or Xi?

But Donald Trump’s no Putin, although he would like to be.


It’s shameful that so many people still buy Trump’s Big Lie.

They don’t make a majority but there’s a large supply.

Big Lie believers may get violent; we’ve all seen that.

And that should scare us all, Republican or Democrat.