July 28, Song For Red State Legislatures

July 28, Song For Red State Legislatures


Let’s make it hard for blacks to vote and easier for whites,

For we need white supremacists and Trumpist acolytes.

Let’s smooth the way for QAnon’s domestic terrorists,

Especially for all the Trumpist insurrectionists.


If we don’t like vote totals, then we’ll overturn the count

In black precincts, while we will certify the white amount.

We know we don’t appeal to most of our society;

Suppressing votes means we’ll still rule, though a minority.


We know the vote that we just lost was honest, free and fair;

Though Donald Trump is crying “Fraud!” there was none anywhere.

And that’s the problem that we face; we can’t win a fair vote.

We know that free and fair elections will not float our boat.


So, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and Ku Klux Klan wannabes

Are just the voters that we want; they are our victory keys.

The liberals, blacks, browns, Asians, and the students we’ll suppress

Do not doubt our agenda; it’s well covered in the press.