July 29, Ideal Red State Voters

July 29, Ideal Red State Voters


We know the Founding Fathers were all well-to-do and white.

In their minds, voting was not yet a universal right.

But attitudes and laws have changed as we diversified,

And, seeing this, our white supremacists are horrified.


If they can’t win elections, they’ll resort to violence,

As January 6th provided such clear evidence.

They’re not the best and brightest that our nation has produced,

As you, by listening and watching, surely have deduced.


When Trump could not accept that voters had just told him “No,”

No one anticipated the huge tantrum that he’d throw.

The 1-6 insurrectionists were those he could inspire;

Republicans said, “They’re the kind of voters we desire.”


“They’re just the kind of bigots that we can manipulate.

“When we restrict black voting, bigots will all celebrate.

“They’re not the best and brightest but the best that we can do.

“So we’ll herd Donald’s ungulates and tell the rest, ‘Screw you.’”