July 26, A Reason To Resist Vaccination

July 26, A Reason To Resist Vaccination (1)


A patient in intensive care survived Covid 19.

They asked him, “Do you now wish you had taken the vaccine?”

He did not hesitate and answered, “Absolutely not.”

For nothing he had been through made him want to get a shot.


He said he would not reconsider, no, not one damn bit.

Which seems unusual in light of dust he almost bit.

To try to understand him, the reporter asked for more…

What reasons made this man vaccine resistant to the core?


Uncertainty about the science?  No, it wasn’t that.

(What clearly didn’t help: Joe Biden is a Democrat.)

The government, the scientists, the doctors, all of them,

He said that all these people had been ganging up on him.


He said that their “agenda” is to vaccinate us all.

And, it is that agenda that made him put up a wall.

He will not let those doctors shove their vaccines down his throat.

Because,”…it’s their agenda,” he won’t do it; that’s a quote.


(The scene reminds me of a little kid who will not eat

The vegetables you served to him; to eat them means defeat.

It isn’t taste; it isn’t health; that’s not what it’s about;

In this, a contest of two wills; resistance will be stout.)


You’re wasting breath presenting data and more evidence,

This patient is immune to facts, immune to arguments.

His mind’s made up; he will not change, although he nearly died.

He cannot be reprogrammed; all his circuits have been fried.


  • News report on MSNBC last week.