July 25, Trumpists Dying for the Cause

July 25, Trumpists Dying for the Cause


It’s proven; vaccination works,

Yet there are still some stubborn jerks

Who will not go to get a shot,

Though facing early death and rot.


It’s mostly Donald’s voting base

Now dying at a record pace.

Like fools in Britain’s Light Brigade,

They charge the Covid fusillade.


Ignoring all that science shows,

They think that Tucker Carlson knows

Much more than Fauci’s expertise,

With this result: their ranks decrease.


And Trump adds, “Though I’m killing you,

“Why not send me some money, too?

“Since you can’t use it in your grave,

“Let me use it to rant and rave.”


Who gives a damn for public health?

What Donald wants is power and wealth

While sitting on his golden throne;

He lets his followers atone.


Trump’s cult of personality,

Now clearly risks fatality,

Just like the flaming Hindenburg

Or Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg,


Confining vaccines to the left,

‘Til there aren’t any Trumpists left

May be the bloody legacy

Left when we saved democracy.