July 23, A Limited Point of View

July 23, A Limited Point of View


If your nose is up Donald’s ass,

Or head is up your own,

You’ll get used to the sewer gas

That Trump says is cologne.


You’re not in charge of anything;

You must go with the flow.

The same old shit keeps happening;

That’s all the world you know.


Your cosmos has three properties

Just solid, liquid, gas.

In times of good health or disease,

You think, “This too, shall pass.”


For you to change your point of view,

You must extract your head.

And wash off all the residue,

To learn what you’ve been fed.


The world has great variety

Of sight and smell and sound.

There’s almost an infinity

Of new things to be found.


The view from both the left and right

Informs and educates.

You’ll find that you don’t have to bite

On what Trump defecates.


So pull your nose from Donald’s ass,

And your head from your own.

There’s more to life than sewer gas.

When you’ve smelled real cologne.