July 24, Why Like Trump?

July 24, Why Like Trump?


What is it the Trumpist base sees in their man,

Beyond the bleached coiffure and orange Man Tan?  (1)

As president, he did not do a damn thing

But feather his own nest; why want him as king?


Perhaps they enjoy how he puts “others” down,

Especially south of the border, and brown.

When you fail yourself, it is nice to abuse

And blame someone else, like black folks (or Jews.)


Trump lies and he cheats and goes bankrupt a lot.

He claims he’s a billionaire: (probably not.)

A sick narcissist, can’t admit that he lost

And now, for his crimes, he just might pay the cost.


Most puzzling of all is the new Christian Right,

Supporting a man whose whole life is a blight

On all Christian principles they proudly preach.

What lesson does such gross hypocrisy teach?


His character suspect in every respect,

Yet, with Donald’s base, that has little effect.

Do they see themselves in this man full of flaws,

Who flouts standard morals and disobeys laws?


Did they like how Trump managed Covid nineteen?

How he pissed on Fauci and touted chlorine?

Did they like the vaccine resisters’ death rate?

Do they think all that made America great?


So, let’s ask again, what does Donald’s base see

In Trump as a man and their monarch to be?

They’ve all propped him up as their Golden Calf god (2)

And don’t seem to care Donald Trump is a fraud.


  • Man Tan was a chemical lotion tanning product, introduced decades ago.
  • The idol of the Golden Calf: see Exodus, chapter 32. The result for the Hebrew people was wandering in the desert until all the idol worshippers died.