July 23, Steve Bannon, et al.

July 23, Steve Bannon, et al.


It took the jury just three hours before they could pronounce

Steve Bannon, both contemptible and guilty on all counts.

They found his guilt was obvious; (he mounted no defense)

And all the bluster Bannon raised, irrelevant nonsense.


Although not over yet, there’ll be appeal upon appeal,

And most of what Steve Bannon claims won’t turn out to be real,

Most legal minds anticipate a bovine fecal stench

That will repel appellate judges sitting on the bench.


The problem that Steve Bannon has: his guilt is obvious.

And what he says while blustering is contumelious.

He was subpoenaed; he ignored it: all we need to know.

That’s why, in record time, the jury told him where to go.


So, after his appeals are through, how much time should he do?

For arrogance and insolence, some extra time is due.

To teach a lesson to the dolts that Steve may still beguile,

This classless horse’s ass should do two years in durance vile.


The wheels of justice may grind slow but they grind very small. (1)

With Giuliani, Eastman, and Navarro still on call,

The DOJ must now decide whom next to prosecute.

Their role in Trump’s conspiracy is clear, beyond dispute.


When will the long arm of the law reach out for Donald Trump?

Compounding his guilt every day, he’s still out on the stump.

The evidence is piling up; so much has come to light.

The ball is now in Garland’s court, so when will he indict?


  • An old proverb with various wording and Greek and Roman roots.